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Secure E-Waste Destruction can be relied upon for your complete e-waste destruction and recycling needs.

We take care of all your electronic waste disposal requirements, recycling all waste material once the destruction is complete. We also have a Secure Hard Drive Destruction service division, shredding your drives into tiny pieces of debris, totally eliminating any chance of data retreival.

Why Recycle E-Waste?

When trying to do the right thing, people often donate their used computers to companies that provide computers to the developing world. This just transfers the problem of disposal to communities unable to afford proper disposal or with no means of doing so. Uncontrolled burning, disassembly, and disposal are causing environmental and health problems. This also includes negative occupational health and safety effects among those directly involved, due to the methods of processing the waste.

All our services are free of any setup fees and are available on a no contract basis. Term Contract options are available at special rates for businesses requiring a dedicated, on-going service.

E-Waste Recycling

  • discard obsolete electronic equipment thoughtfully & have it recycled
  • bin service & bulk pickup service




Mini Bin Tidy for your desk

Receive your free mini bin desk tidy when you make a booking for any of our services.

Contact SED to make a booking or for any further details.

Mini Bin Tidy


to discuss your requirements and to receive an obligation-free quote.
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Copyright 2013 Secure E-Waste Destruction
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